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Why Now Is The Best Time To Grow Old: Advanced Style

advanced style quad dogwoof documentary

Can one man change our perception of what old age looks like?  If that man is Ari Seth Cohen, the answer is a spirited YES.

He is the creative genius behind the successful Advanced Style franchise, which includes a blog, book and documentary film.  For those not familiar with Advanced Style, Mr. Cohen photographs older women (and a few men) on the streets of New York who have a wildly creative and highly personalized sense of style.  These older adults elevate the daily act of getting dressed to an art form.

I highly recommend watching the documentary film.  It adds a depth to the lives of these women as they celebrate their love of fashion, their newfound fame, and the realities of aging.  Advanced Style is #6 on my list of what will be 100 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Grow Old.  Mr. Cohen is changing the world’s perception of what old age can look like.

Photo Credit: Advanced Style