I’m Warren’s Daughter.  Who then is Warren?  He is my amazing, kind, nonagenarian dad.  I love the word nonagenarian…it basically means he’s in his nineties.  It’s pronounced no-na-ge-nar-i-an for those of you like me who aren’t familiar with it.  As Warren’s Daughter, I hope to:

  • Chronicle…the lessons I’m learning seeing my dad as Warren (an independent adult) versus my dad.  You see, I didn’t grow up in an Ozzie & Harriet or Brady Bunch household where families sat around sharing words of wisdom.  Don’t get me wrong…my parents were wonderful and took great care of me and my two sisters.  But, I learned about life by watching it unfold.  I’ve always been a quiet observer rather than life of the party type of gal.  
  • Share…the things I’ve learned to help my dad live a safe, happy and healthy life.  And, in return make my life and hopefully yours a bit easier and better.  From my color coded medication system which my dad likes and seems to impress his doctor’s to the best TV headphones and ways to hang a cane to avoid tripping.
  • Help…navigate the uncharted waters of taking on additional responsibilities as our parents get older by sharing my stories.  I know this is really tricky territory since everyone’s situation is different and also changes in the blink of an eye.  But, know you are not alone in this experience.


Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Warren’s Daughter


  1. “Thank you for following my blog, “What to Do about Mama?” Although my caregiving has ended (but it’s likely there’s another ahead), our shared experience make us kindred spirits, of sorts. Caregiving is an important topic, albeit not “inspiring.” But I do think my book of the same name is a good addition to any reference shelf.


    1. Thanks for the note. I hope others find inspiration in caregiving. I think this is a period of life that is gaining more awareness. I’ll take a look at your book.


      1. Thanks. I will appreciate your feedback.


  2. Keith

    Hi, do you know how to change the batteries on the chrome 2X magnifier from restoration hardware?


    1. Hi Keith: I haven’t changed the batteries in my dad’s magnifier so I’m sorry that I can’t help you. Maybe the Restoration Hardware site has some info.


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