Week Two: Bailing on NaBloPoMo

Ok, it’s the end of week two of National Blog Posting Month and so far I’ve posted each day.  But, as the headline for this post indicates, I’m bailing on NaBloPoMo.  Well I didn’t technically register to be part of the challenge, so I’m not really bailing.

For me, committing to post daily was like embarking on a no carb diet.  It sounds good in theory but in reality it’s too restrictive.  Life is about moderation and spontaneity.  And, I am proud that I posted daily and now know that I can.  And, I’m really proud of all the bloggers who are/will complete the challenge.  But, I’ve never been one to feel peer pressure so I’m following my own path.  I like knowing that I have the luxury to spend a little more time thinking, writing and rewriting if I like.

Glad to have tried NaBloPoMo for two weeks but so happy to step aside and make my own schedule.


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