Another Tip to Prevent Falls

I never thought of physical therapy (PT) as a precautionary resource to help prevent falls for older adults.  I thought PT took place as a result of something, such as a fall, pulled muscle, surgical procedure, etc.

But, my father’s doctor prescribed PT as a proactive means to improve his stooped over posture caused by osteoporosis and the long-term use of a walker.  Today my father had his second PT appointment and I can already see a slight improvement in his posture.  He’s not learning on the walker as if it were a shopping cart.  He’s standing a tiny bit taller, which will hopefully prevent a fall and all the terrible things that accompany falling.

Just thought I’d share this tip since there have been so many articles written lately on older adults and the hazards of falling.  None of these articles discussed getting PT as a preventative measure.  Also, Medicare will cover PT when ordered by a physician.


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