Where to Order a Prepared Thanksgiving Dinner

Making a Thanksgiving meal is a whole lot easier, since most grocery stores offer delicious fully cooked meals.  All you need to do is pre-order, pick-up, reheat and serve.  Here’s a list of places to pre-order your Thanksgiving meal in Marin, including: websites, order deadlines, and my commentary.

Whole Foods


  • Click here for the menu.
  • Pre-order: 24 hours ahead while supplies last
  • Note: Complete dinners can include turkey, ham or prime rib as the entrée.

Paradise Market

  • Click her for the menu.
  • Order by: 11/24/14
  • Note:  Paradise Market offers one complete dinner option, which includes turkey and serves 8-10 people.

Woodlands Market

  • Click here for the menu.
  • Order by: 11/24/14 at 5 PM
  • Note:  Complete dinners all include turkey.  And, there’s even a small dinner option, which feeds 3-4 people.

Here are some prep tips based on my experience serving a prepared Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods, which I also wrote about in Thanksgiving a la Whole Foods last year:

  • Everything is cooked and just needs to be reheated.  But, don’t let the simplicity of this statement fool you.
  • You may need to start heating the turkey 2-3 hours ahead of time.  So start by reading the reheating instructions and make a schedule of what to heat, for how long, and where (oven, stove, microwave).
  • Have a food thermometer to test the temperature of the turkey and sides.
  • You’ll still need some items (butter, cream, olive oil, broth, etc.) that aren’t included with your meal.  Also, you might need a roasting pan to reheat the turkey.

Happy planning and dining.


Photo Credit: iStock

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