Why Now Is The Best Time To Grow Old: Oprah’s Caregiver’s Guide


O, The Oprah Magazine November Cover

#3 on my list of “100 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Grow Old” is The Caregiver’s Guide from O, The Oprah Magazine.

It’s a running joke between my husband and I that Oprah has to say something before I believe it to be true.  My husband swears that he tells me something enlightening, only to be met by my blank stare.  Then weeks or months pass, and I hear Oprah say the same enlightening thing, and I swear by her life-changing words.

So it’s no surprise that I was overjoyed to see The Caregiver’s Guide in the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.  This 17-page guide is a great starter kit for anyone entering the confusing world of caregiving.  It’s a mix of facts, resources, and stories from caregivers, and experts in the field.  And in true Oprah fashion, the guide has moments of humor and humanity making it as welcoming as the subject of caregiving can be.

I hope Oprah continues to address the critical role of caregiving.  Because if Oprah acknowledges something, it deserves your undivided attention, just ask my husband.

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