National Blog Posting Month

Yikes.  It’s 8:30 PM on Saturday, November 1st and I just learned about National Blog Posting Month (a.k.a. NaBloPoMo).

It’s a big thing among bloggers.  For the month of November, participating bloggers agree to post daily.   Yes, daily for 30 days.  This sounds so scary since I average a post a week (if I’m lucky).  But, this is just the kick in the behind that I’ve been looking for.

It will make me write.  It will make me write faster.  It will make me write more freely.  It will give me discipline.  Maybe I’m pinning too much on NaBloPoMo.  But, here it goes.  I commit to this challenge!

My head is swirling with ideas for the next 29 posts.  Trust me, they will be more substantive than this one, but I couldn’t start the challenge on the second day.  It’s working already…no procrastinating.


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