Why I Returned To Blogging

When I wrote my last blog post on July 4th, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would return.  I was disillusioned and wondered if my words, ideas and tips were really helping anyone.  Or, was I championing a cause whose time had not yet arrived?  Or, worse yet, was I passionate about a subject whose time may never arrive.

And, to share my very private feelings, I was also growing weary of seeing story, after story, of young bloggers — one as young as eleven and another as old as eighteen (heaven forbid) — who reached the highest peak of blogger fame with hundreds of thousands of followers, book deals, and brand partnerships.  I know writing about fashion, food or anything considered fun, will attract a wider audience than writing about a topic most people prefer not to think about or face with trepidation at best.

Then I saw the above quote from Cyril Connolly on Susan Cain’s Twitter feed: “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than write for the public and have no self.”  I care about what I care about.  It hasn’t changed since I started this blog.  It’s so simple; I want to make life better for older adults.  I can’t cure the ills that afflict us age we age or bring back memories that have faded.  But, I can highlight what’s good about growing old today: from technological innovations, to research, emotional connections and amazing role models.  There are a lot of great reasons why now is the best time to be an older adult.

So I’m making a commitment to myself and those who follow my blog.  I’m going to post the “100 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Grow Old!”  I believe there are at least 100 reasons.  Hope you follow along and feel free to share your ideas with me.

I’m so excited to be back!


  1. Greg

    Write on!
    Loved the quote.
    Thanks for that.
    And your insights.


    1. Thanks Greg. Your stories of your Auntie and parents add to my inspiration.


  2. Claire

    Missed you, glad you’re back.


    1. I’m really so happy to be back.


  3. Welcome back! I write about similar content although my father has now passed away (strangely, I find almost more to reflect on now) and I know what it means to feel like you are writing for the ozone. Write for YOU. Know that others will find you through search and find comfort or inspiration there (be sure to tag). If you want to make money off of the endeavor, that’s a whole ‘nother thing. It’s feasible, but it will take writing with that purpose in mind every day. For me, the little connections with friends and audience have been enough. I’m now working on an MFA in creative nonfiction (call me crazy). Best of luck to you, not just with writing but with this whole period in your life.


    1. Dear Betsy,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful note and words of encouragement. You are so right…to write for yourself (without any strings attached or expectations) is the key to happiness. It took a few months off for me to remember this. P.S. I just read about The Henry Chronicles and look forward to reading more.

      All the best, Janet


  4. Well, it’s good to hear that other (caregiving) bloggers experience the same frustrations as I do–what I describe as the blog posts going into the
    Comments! Feedback! That’s all I want.
    So, glad you’re back. I hope it works for you.


    1. Thanks for your feedback. I know what the deep dark hole feels like. And, I am gilty of not being as supportive of other bloggers in the caregiving space, which I promise to change. Also, I’m going to take a look at your book What To Do About Mama.


      1. Thanks, Janet. I appreciate your acknowledgement and support.


      2. You are very welcome.


  5. Amy

    Keep going, Janet! I owe you an email…hopefully this comment will suffice for now. You know, I feel quite the opposite–my own blog often struggles for an identity, so when it comes to bloggers who have a very defined goal in mind, I get slightly jealous. I’m still trying to find my footing, even after four or five years of publishing online. It’s great to write this way, and it’s a topic that touches so many–I am proud of you and the direction your writing is taking!


    1. Hi Amy: I’m so happy to see your note! And, I’m the one who owes you and e-mail. I’ll contact you today and explain the long lapse. Thank you so much and can’t wait to connect. Janet


  6. In other words, a “sexy” topic, as one blogger put it. But I love the quote: “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than write for the public and have no self.” I’ll try to keep that in mind whenever I get discouraged.


    1. This quote can help writers stay true to their voice when doubt creeps in.


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