Start Here When You Realize Your Are A Caregiver

There are thousands of great books, blogs and websites — all loaded with tons of valuable information — to help adult children navigate the unchartered and choppy waters of caregiving.

But, if you are like me, when I found myself thrust into the role of caregiver, I was overwhelmed by the situation, the speed at which everything was happening and the severity of the decisions that needed to be made.  I was in act and react mode.  I just wanted the CliffsNotes version of how to care for a parent.  The fewer words the better.

So to help other new caregivers, here’s a short list of essential resources to start with:

  • Glossary of basic terms:

  • Assisted living checklist:

  • Assisted living template to compare communities:

  • Essential documents:

Documents Prepared Families Cannot Ignore

  • End of life planning:

A memoir told in drawings, cartoons, photos and writings by Roz Chast, New Yorker cartoonist.  This book is wonderful!  It makes you feel less alone in the caregiving process.  It makes you laugh.  It makes you sad and cringe.  And, it paints a realistic picture of caregiving.

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