The Art Of The Apology

Letter and Treats


Last week my dad decided to have lunch in his room, instead of eating in the dining room, since the Giants were playing an afternoon game.  No big deal.  All he does is ask the concierge at his assisted living community to have his lunch delivered to his room.  And, for the record, the Giants are #1 in the MLB standings with 37 wins after two months of play.  You’ve got to boast while you can.

But, I digress.  Back to the reason for the post.  His lunch didn’t get delivered to his room.  But, I happened to stop by at 12:45 so I went to the dining room and picked up his meal.  I didn’t think twice about this.  Nor did I mention it to the concierge to reverse the small in room dining fee.  I learned to pick my battles early on when my dad moved to assisted living.  And, this was a nonissue.

Unbeknownst to me, my dad mentioned the little oversight to the concierge.  And, what resulted was the most heartfelt apology, which read:

“Dr. Mr. Yano

I hope you enjoy some of these treats when you watch the Giants play.  They are doing amazing this year :-).  I truly am sorry that I forgot your lunch order last week.  You don’t ask for much so it bothered me even more that I let you down.  Please know that I am here to help in any way I can and I find pleasure in doing so.

Blessings, Melanie”

Note to my nephews who say, “my bad” as a form of an apology; this is how it’s done.


  1. Judith


    This is very special. [One of my pet peeves is the dismissive “sorry ’bout that” apology. But, that’s me.]

    Your Dad is obviously very special to lots of people.

    Best, J


    1. Thanks for the note. My dad is a very lucky man.


  2. saraholiverhandbags101

    What a great way to apologize! Obviously Melanie put some thought into her small gift basket. Very sweet note too!


    1. I agree. Melanie put time and thought into the note and gift basket. It will make me think twice the next time I need to say, I’m sorry.


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