Is Your Loved One Suited For Assisted Living?

There are personality tests to find the right college, career and spouse; now there’s a personality test (of sorts) to help determine who’s best suited for life in assisted living.  According to the article on titled, Who Does Well In Assisted Living, Who Doesn’t, people with these six traits will fare best.

  1. Appreciative realists
  2. Extroverts who’ve become Isolated
  3. Adaptable types used to life’s transitions
  4. Those with family nearby
  5. People who are attracted to amenities
  6. Those with mild dementia

I can honestly say that my dad possesses the top five traits and I believe this made his transition to assisted living easier.  But, what’s so interesting is that prior to his move to assisted living, I would not have thought he was: isolated, adaptable at 89 years of age, or someone who liked amenities (such as dining out, scenic excursions on the bus or participating in the men’s club).  So as you read the list above, be objective.   The parent you see might be different from who they really are.  And, moving to assisted living might bring out a new side of your parent’s personality, which had grown dormant over time.

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