Product Reco: TV Ears


With Father’s Day just a few weeks away (June 15th just in case), these TV Ears (a wireless TV headset) are a great gift for dad.  My dad uses his TV Ears each evening and loves them.


  • Sound clarity is better with TV Ears since the headset blocks out background noise.
  • The headset is extremely light and comfortable (weights 2 ounces).
  • The headset hangs down toward your chest, instead of sitting on top of your head.  This prevents the headset from slipping.
  • Though they are expensive; they last.  My dad has used his TV Ears each evening for three hours, over the past four years, which makes the amortized cost .06 cents per hour.
  • They are wireless, which means no messy and potentially dangerous cords to trip over.
  • You can order two headsets and your parents can listen to the same TV program at their own desired volume.  This is brilliant.



  • Order extra TV Ears Tips since you’ll want to change them frequently for cleanliness and also order an extra battery so you have a backup.
  • It takes about 24 hours to charge the headset, so if you’re giving them as a gift, you might want to charge them ahead of time.


Price: $229.95 Digital and $129.95 Analog

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