Keep Advanced Directives on Your Phone

Here’s a great idea from The New Old Age blog; keep advanced directives on your smart phone.  I’m going to check out the American Bar Association app, My Health Care Wishes, and the other apps mentioned in the post:

My Health Care Wishes app (photo source: American Bar Association)

“Commission on Law and Aging has developed a smartphone app, My Health Care Wishes, that allows you to store your own advance directive or family members’ on your iPhone or Android phone.  When you need them, the app lets you present such documents — and other health information and contacts — via email or Bluetooth.”

“As readers have pointed out, you can store advance directives in other digital ways.  Several recommended DocuBank, which for $45 a year makes health care and legal documents available 24/7 with a phone call.  MyDirectives is another free web-based system.  About a dozen states — including Vermont, North Carolina and Arizona — have established online registries, though not all are very active, and there have been attempts to create national registries.  You could store an email-able document on any phone or tablet, sans app, or file one in Dropbox or another cloud-based storage system.”

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