Product Reco: Timex Easy Reader with Expansion Band

I sometimes think of myself as Consumer Reports for the AARP crowd.  I just love to find products that make life better and safer for my dad, and other seniors.  And, when I talk about products, I don’t just mean the necessities like canes, walkers, or transport chairs, which are extremely important and I’ve written about before.  I mean the fun stuff too.  My new find is a classic watch, the Timex Easy Reader with an expansion band.


  • Expansion Band – The watch slips on and off easily…no buckle or clasp to fumble with especially for someone with arthritis.
  • Easy to Read – The numbers are large, clean and bold.  No fancy roman numerals, dots, lines or mouse type font.
  • Battery operated
  • Fairly light weight


  • The band can easily be resized at a watch repair.  But, I recommend calling ahead.  I had to contact six watch repairs before finding one with the right tools for an expansion band.

Price: $53

Please remember that my recommendations are my opinion. I don’t have any affiliation with the companies whose products I write about.


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