Everlasting Friendship


Dad and Len celebrating Giants' Orange Friday

You are never too old to make a new best friend.

My dad met Len the day he moved to assisted living, and as luck would have it, they lived across the hall from each other.  Different circumstances bought them to their new residence.  My dad was on the verge of becoming a widower and Len was battling cancer.  It didn’t matter what their circumstances were or that my dad was in his late-80s and Len was in his mid-70s.

What mattered most was their shared love of sports (Giants baseball and 49er’s football), their shared history of growing up in the Bay Area and their ability to laugh.  They laughed like schoolyard boys at times.  They laughed about all the chicken dishes being served in the dining room (chicken salad, chicken sandwiches, chicken with rice, chicken enchiladas, etc.), they laughed about the foibles of growing old, and they laughed about the hardship of life.

Today is Len’s birthday.  I know my dad misses his laughter and friendship.  We all do.

1 Comment

  1. Judi Roffman


    what a sweet story an inspiration for us all

    Best, J


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