Wipes that Kill the Norovirus

Last month the Norovirus became headline news when 600 people aboard a cruise ship became ill.  But, I was well aware of the Norovirus well before this, since my dad’s Assisted Living Community (like many others) has experienced Norovirus outbreaks before.

One thing to know, standard disinfecting wipes won’t kill this virus.  In the past, my husband would mix a solution of bleach and water to clean my dad’s room.  But, now there are two products from Clorox’s Professional division, which kill the Norovirus.

Clorox is offering free resource kits including training material and sample products for healthcare professionals.  And, for consumers, you can buy these products on amazon.com.

I know talking about the Norovirus isn’t pretty but one thing I’ve learned helping care for my dad…it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Photo Credit: Clorox


  1. Great information! I will share it with the Purlettes tomorrow! Thanks


    1. You are welcome. I hope the Purlettes never have a need for these.


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