Dad and the Millionaire Matchmaker

The Millionaire Matchmaker. Photo: Bravo TV

My dad is very current on pop culture and reality TV.  He can chat about the antics of Justin Bieber to the upcoming season of Survivor.  And, I’ve been introduced to Deadliest Catch, Storage Wars, Container Wars, Bar Rescue, Mystery Diners, among other reality TV shows during my visits.

But, yesterday, was a first.  After my dad and I had lunch, we strolled back to his room and he turned on the TV…all very routine so far.  I started sorting through some mail and then I heard the words, “hook up” and “no sex on the first date” blaring from the TV.  Then I realized Patti Stanger, of the TV show The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, was answering viewer questions about dating.

I didn’t say a thing while the show was on and after about 15 minutes, my dad nonchalantly turned off the TV and said it was time for the scenic drive with the other residents of his assisted living community and off he went.  I’m not sure if he was watching the show or had it on for background noise. 

When my dad was a young man, The Dating Game was the matchmaking show to watch.  Can we click our heels and go back to a more innocent time.


  1. Judith


    Quite the hipster. Where was the scenic drive? The Google bus going down South of Market?

    Best, J


    1. Too funny. He would love the scenic drive to follow the Google bus route. But, it was a quick ride around Marin.


  2. Kate

    Loved this!

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. I talked with dad today and he actually thinks the show is funny. Maybe this is one of the traits of aging well…stay current.


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