The Purlettes + One (Part II)

Some bloggers seek fame and fortune by writing about universally loved topics of celebrities, food and fashion.  I too love these blogs for the pure escapism they provide.  Who doesn’t want to drool over a mouthwatering chocolate cake or read the latest celebrity gossip?

But I, on the other hand, write about a subject near and dear to my heart but not as universally embraced by the masses.  I write about remarkable senior citizens, elder care tips; things of interest for seniors in Marin, and of course my amazing 92 year-old-dad.

So imagine my surprise when Sarah Oliver (Founder of Sarah Oliver Handbags) commented on my post, A Little Purse with Purpose: The Purlettes + One and then wrote a post on her blog (part of which is below).  Thank you Sarah and The Purlettes + One for making beautiful products by beautiful seniors!

“Each year I attempt to share with the Purlettes +1 how important their work is to the success of our company. I like to refer to them as the backbone of SOH but I’m never sure I convey how big an impact their work has on our customers. So this year I was particularly excited to share a blog post by Warren’s Daughter, that I recently stumbled upon.

This post was written in a way that brought full circle, the impact the bags have on our customers. I have the luxury to see first hand, the reaction of a customer when they first hear that our handbags are made by seniors in their late 80s and 90s. I see their eyes light up, almost in disbelief and watch as they go find a friend to bring back in order to share what they just learned. I have a hard time describing to the Purlettes the emotional reaction I witness when customers see our bags.Warren’s Daughter’s blog post about her first encounter with sarah oliver handbags, beautifully captured that emotional reaction in words. Needless to say, the Purlettes felt so proud when Daphne read the blog post aloud. I love the last sentence, “My handbag so reminds me of my mother and all the things that I hope for, as I grow older…community, purpose, wisdom, inspiration and timeless beauty.” 


  1. Thanks for your post and support!

    I think what you write about is so important. Seniors are often dismissed in our society and your blogs reminds us that they are present and still want to enjoy life. Many also want to continue to be productive if given the chance!

    I love your blog! Best, Sarah


    1. Sarah: thank you for all your support and for championing a positive perspective on aging.


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