My Self-Prescribed Break From Blogging

I’m easing back from my self-prescribed break from blogging.

You see, in early December, I attended amateur hour at my dad’s assisted living community.  I really wanted to see the residents and the staff perform.  I knew they worked extremely hard to get ready for the show and took their performance seriously.

As I watched the show, which was really great, I started thinking about what a great post this would make.  Then I started to kick myself for not having my camera to take a photo, knowing that the lighting is dim in the parlor where the performance was happening.  Then I started to walk around the parlor trying to take a few photos with my iPhone while trying not to block the view for the residents.

Amateur Hour at Dad’s Assisted Living Community

When I downloaded the photos I was so disappointed, not at the quality of the photos, but at the fact that I couldn’t remember some of the performances.  What were the words to Shirley’s poem about aging?  What beautiful song did Julie sing as the sign language club accompanied her (that’s the photo featured above)?  I forgot to tell Marc what a great job he did performing Fiddler on the Roof.  I was so busy trying to document what was happening for a future post that I short-changed myself on the joy of the present moment.

This was my big wake up call and it came at the perfect time…the peak of holiday mayhem and days before our vacation to celebrate my dad’s 92nd birthday.  So I put myself on self-prescribed break from blogging to acquaint myself with life in the present.  

Holiday Vacation with Dad

It was the perfect break, at the perfect time.  And, one thing I’ve learned spending so much time with folks between 85-97 years of age, is that life is precious and meant to be lived in the present.

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