1. Hi Paulette: you are the first person to reblog something from my site. Thank you! And, so sorry for the delayed reply but I missed seeing the comment earlier. P.S. Your site is a wonderful place of inspiration and motivation. Glad I found it.


      1. You are so welcome my dear. What would Warren’s daughter be named?

        You made my night saying that about Totally Inspired Mind. Thank you. It has the most readership of all my websites.
        I am very proud of what it has become in one year and am always learning of ways to improve it.

        Meeting someone nice like you is the best part of reblogging your well thought out words.


      2. Hi Paulette,

        I’m impressed you can juggle more than one website. Have a great Thanksgiving and thank you for all your support.



      3. Happy Thanksgiving Janet,

        Well, it was never my intention to create so many web sites ,but I had a lot to say about my different topics, so my web sites gave me a platform or arena to do that on.

        Enjoy your day and keep writing winning posts!
        You should join Kickstarter if you havent. I did last night and just have to work on it a little more to fund my cook book I am writing.

        You are a gifted writer and a great daughter. What is your dad’s name that you take care of, if you dont mind me asking?


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