Thanksgiving Dinner a la Whole Foods

Whole Foods: Build-Your-Own Dinner

If you haven’t decided on your Thanksgiving plans for next week — yes, Thanksgiving is really next Thursday — Whole Foods might be a great option.

A few years ago my husband and I purchased a Whole Foods Thanksgiving meal (complete with turkey and all the traditional side dishes) and prepared/reheated it at my parents’ house.  At the time, my parents were in their mid-80’s and wanted to stay home for Thanksgiving but didn’t want to cook.  So we decided to bring Thanksgiving to them with the help of Whole Foods.

It was pretty funny when we look back.  My husband and I packed up the Whole Foods meal (which came in what looked like a bankers box), a giant cooler (with butter, cream, whip cream, salt, pepper, etc.), knives, pots and pans and anything else needed to reheat, serve and clean up after the meal.  When we arrived we looked like caterers setting up for a big event.

If you decide to buy Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Everything is cooked and just needs to be reheated.  But, don’t let the simplicity of this statement fool you.
  • Determine if you have enough room in the oven to reheat the turkey plus side dishes.  You might have to reheat the sides on the stove.
  • Different items need to be heated at different temperatures for different amounts of time.  Read the reheating instructions ahead of time and make a schedule.
  • Have a food thermometer to test the temperature of the turkey and sides.
  • You’ll still need some items (butter, cream, olive oil, broth, etc.) that aren’t included with your meal.

Tuesday, November 26th at 8pm is the deadline to order a Thanksgiving meal at Whole Foods in Marin.  But, check with your local Whole Foods (or grocery store) to confirm ordering details.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Updated: 11-19-13

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