Blog Post Sparks Memories

I just can’t get this post from The New York Times, New Old Age blog, off my mind.  The post is titled, When the Doctor Disappears and tackles a tough question.  Why and should oncologist stop seeing patients once there’s nothing more they can do to cure them.

On a personal note, my mothers’ official cancer diagnosis came days before her death from a doctor she had never seen before and would never see again.  My mother had moved weeks before her death to live with my husband and me.  There was no time for an oncologist.  There was no time for anything.  We had no idea how sick she was — or more accurately that she was dying since sickness implies there’s room to recover.

After reading When the Doctor Disappears, I know that my mother would have loved for Dr. Sharma — her longtime general practitioner, who became her friend and confidant — to have been by her bedside and to have delivered the diagnosis.


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