93-Year-Old Skydiver: Jack Hake

At the age of 93, Jack Hake executed a tandem skydive to raise funds for the hospital, which cared for his late wife.  He’s an inspiration, a devoted husband and Good Samaritan.  As reported in Mirror News:

My wife and I were married for 70 years and we did everything together.  We’ve done it all – boating, fishing, cycling. You name it.  We have never been apart.  Before my wife died we had a chat and we agreed we had to do something to raise money for the surgery.  We’re not wealthy so we decided to do something sponsored like a skydive.  I promised to take her with me and I did just that. I thought it was just a walk in the park really and I’m sure she would have thought the same. I’m not a hero – I just did what my wife wanted me to do.”

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