Cole Haan and Swiffer Feature Seniors in Advertising

I typically run the other way when a new trend is thrust in my face and I always have.  No stilettos in my closet, no tattoos indelibly painted on my body and no gigantic SUV in my driveway — since I don’t go places SUV’s should travel to.

This sense of self comes with the knowledge that there are more important things to spend time doing than chasing a trend, which in its very nature needs to keep changing, to keeps its trendy status.  How exhausting does that sound?  So why get on the hamster wheel of trend chasing with no end in sight?

But, I’m finally starting to see a trend — or should I say movement — that I wholeheartedly embrace and hope is here to stay!  A trend that is worthy of being called a classic, like Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress or the perfect white shirt.

Older adults are being featured in commercials with respect and admiration for their contribution to society, wisdom, charm, humor and love of life!

Cole Haan’s new ad campaign, features notable people who were born in 1928 (the year Cole Haan was founded). These amazing and accomplished 85 year-old people include: poet/author Maya Angelou, Apollo 13 commander Capt. Jim Lovell and photographer Elliott Erwitt.  I’m not sure why they did this, but one of the ads (not featured in this post) shows model China Machado who is only 84.  I’ll forgive this oddity and assume all the 85-year-old models were busy on the day of the photo shoot.

Cole Haan Ad Campaign

And, Swiffer features real life couple Morty and Lee Kaufman.  Morty is 91 and Lee is 90. They are naturals in front of the camera and will put a smile on your face as they laugh, sing and dance.  They make Swiffering look like fun.  And, on those very rare occasions you are mad at your spouse, watch the 3-minute video of the Kaufman’s and you’ll forget what little thing put you in a snit.

So hats off these advertisers and may positive portrayals of older people be commonplace (and dare I say, fashionably in style).

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