A Noteworthy Dental Appointment

Yesterday my dad had a dentist appointment in the city to get his teeth cleaned.  He now gets cleanings every other month.  Like most elderly people, it’s harder to keep his teeth clean even though he brushes after every meal and flosses at night.  It you ask my dad to do something to improve/maintain his health, you can be assured he’ll do it and without a fuss.  I swear this trait has contributed to his longevity at 91 years of age.  And, yes, I love this about my dad and so do his doctors and dentist.

As we were driving to the dentist on this oddly foggy and cool July day, we talked about the usual stuff…what’s happening with the Giant’s (for those of you not following the San Francisco Giant’s, the team is in a terrible slump to put it kindly) and what’s happening at his assisted living community.  Today my dad mentioned Chef David was on vacation and went to the Russian River, which is a few hours from Marin.  Without prompting my dad then told me about going to the Russian River when he was a kid.  He said, they would swim in the river, climb cables of construction equipment and then jump off (I know this doesn’t sound safe but he’s 91 so it was ok) and sleep in the car or camp outside.  According to my dad, it was much warmer to sleep outside than in the car.  I love getting these little gems of insight in to my dad’s youth which occur at the most random times.

The other great thing to happen yesterday was that my dads’ dentist scheduled his cleaning appointments all the way to December of 2014.  I know, for most people this wouldn’t seem that exciting.  But, Michelle (who manages the appointments) treats my dad like every other patient and plans ahead for his future visits.

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