Do Good, Feel Good, Donate!

This is a feel good story which will make you want to run out and donate!

As you may remember, my dad got a spiffy new rolling walker.  This left his old walker, which is still in perfectly good condition, sitting in the corner of our garage to be donated.  Yes, my husband and I try to donate, recycle or use everything we can like most people nowadays and especially in eco-friendly Marin.

Luckily, I found ReCARES (formerly known as Home CARES), which has three locations in Northern California (Marin, Oakland and San Francisco).  ReCARES accepts and distributes back to the community gently used supplies such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, shower stools, pill boxes, and other medical items.


When I donated my dad’s rolling walker, I met Mack (pictured above) who runs the Marin location and learned a few interesting facts:

  • Goodwill and the The Salvation Army aren’t always equipped to accept and distribute medical supply items.  And, the last thing you want is for your donation to end up in the landfill so double-check that your donation will be distributed before dropping it off.
  • ReCARES distributed over 11,000 items in 2012.
  • If ReCARES has a surplus, they send items overseas.  Last year ReCARES sent over 3,000 items to Haiti.

If you don’t live in Northern California, I’m sure you can find an organization like ReCARES in your area.  Or, better yet, if you know of a charity where medical equipment can be donated, please share it here.  And, please, please, please take a look at ReCARES Facebook page.  The stories and photos of the people who donated and benefited from the donations will warm your heart.


  1. I have heard that often the local fire department takes some items like walkers and wheelchairs and then loans or gives them to families that need them. Thus the same item can be used successively by many people. Often for a temporary problem like a fracture, it makes more sense to borrow equipment rather than to buy it.


    1. Thank you for the suggestion. People can check with their local fire department to see if they accept or loan out walkers and wheelchairs. And, you are right…many times these items are only needed temporarily so loaning out items is a smart idea.


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