A Drinking Game for the Elderly

Summer has definitely arrived in Marin and with summer comes the worry that the elderly (this includes my 91-year-old dad) will become dehydrated.  Here’s a fun and entertaining way to encourage water consumption without constantly asking — or as my husband kindly calls it “nagging.”

I joined my dad and some of his fellow residents from assisted living on an excursion to Sonoma.  It was a beautiful warm day and the entire outing was about two hours.  Once everyone boarded the bus to return home, I handed out small bottles of water.  I noticed most of the residents took one sip and then just held their water bottles.  This is when the fun started!  The activity director stood up and asked everyone to raise their water to toast a fun outing (gulp), the gorgeous day (another gulp), the start of summer (you get the picture), etc.  And, before you know it, everyone had almost finished his or her water.

This drinking game, as I like to call it, is such a smart way to keep everyone hydrated while having fun.  So at your upcoming 4th of July or summer BBQ keep the elderly hydrated with a toast!

Tip: If buying bottled water (I know it’s not environmentally friendly but sometimes it truly is the best/only option.), opt for the 8 oz mini bottles since they are easier to hold and drink from.

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