The Power of Thank You

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and I mean everyone.  I was talking with a friend whose mother recently had surgery.  He was raving about the doctor who performed the procedure and who will continue to oversee his mother’s follow-up treatment.  Without missing a beat, I asked if he gave a gift to the doctor and oddly enough, he was wondering if it was appropriate to do such a thing.

Wonder no more, everyone and anyone – and that includes doctors – who provides superior service deserves to be thanked!  Above are some gift ideas and below are few giving tips:

  • If you are giving a gift to a doctor and don’t now that person very well, you can always ask his or her office staff for suggestions.  Just say, I really want to thank Dr. X for all her help, do you know if she likes a certain type of wine or flowers?
  • If you are sending flowers make sure the recipient will be in the office to receive them.
  • Check the assisted living policy on gift giving before buying your favorite Care Manager a gift.  Where my dad lives, they have a very strict policy against giving monetary gifts to employees.  The last thing you want to do, in your efforts to thank someone, is to get them in trouble.
  • Food items, like cookies and donuts, are ok to bring to the staff where my dad lives.  Remember that there are several different shifts so bring enough for everyone and ask management to help put out the snacks during the start of each shift.

No matter what gift you give, I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.  Would love to hear your gift suggestions and tips.


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