My Theme Song

Several of my friends have recently taken over some responsibility for their parents.  For some, the need to help came on quickly due to illness.  For others, it has been a slow build that suddenly hit the tipping point.  Regardless of what stage everyone is at, it’s a time of mixed emotions, frustrations and more questions than answers.

When I was in the thick of getting my dad settled in assisted living and figuring out piles of paperwork after my mother passed away, I was totally overwhelmed to put it kindly.  Just when I needed it most, I stumbled upon this song, “What You Do With What You’ve Got” performed at a TED (Technology, Education, Design) conference.  The chorus somehow plays on a continual loop in my head when I feel overwhelmed, underappreciated and at my wits’ end.  The lyrics assure me that I’m doing the best I can and what I’m doing is important so keep going.

I hope this song can be a source of inspiration to all my dear friends.  And, I’d love to hear what theme song pulls you through the tough times.

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