What to Consider in a Transport Chair

My sister Janice sought my advice for a “wheelchair” for her father-in-law Ken, who’s in his 80’s and needs a little assistance getting around outside, since she knows we like the chair my dad has. First thing to know, there’s a big difference between a wheelchair and a transport chair.  A wheelchair can be propelled by the person using it or pushed by someone else and they are heavy with large wheels.  A transport chair, which is what my dad has and what Janice is actually looking for, must be pushed by someone, is lightweight and portable.  We love the transport chair since it gives us freedom to take my dad places that require more walking than my dad could do with his walker.

Knowing Ken is of average weight/height, like my dad, and will be pushed in the chair by his wife or a family member I recommended the same transport chair my dad has.  The Nova Ortho-Med 330B 19″ Transport Chair with 12″ Rear Wheels is lightweight yet sturdy and the 12″ rear wheels make it more stable on uneven surfaces versus some other models we looked at with smaller wheels.  It has hand breaks, which give the person pushing the chair more control.  The backrest folds down and the footrests come off which makes it easy to get in and out of the car.  I know, I sound like I work for this company, which I don’t.  Also, I need to give credit to my husband who did all the research before we went shopping for my dad’s chair.  Hope this info helps my sister and anyone else looking for a transport chair.  I took these pics since I couldn’t find any on the web and I want to show the portable nature of the transport chair.

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