Medication Templates for Dad vs. Doctors

Over the past several years, I’ve fine-tuned two different templates to track my dad’s medications. One version is for my dad’s use and the other is to be use by medical professionals (doctors, EMT or heaven forbid the ER).  Here are the different templates and why they fill two very different needs.

Medication Template - By Time of Day

Personal Use – Tracks Medication by Time of Day Taken

  • The #1 goal of this template is simplicity since my dad uses it to sort his medication.
  • The template is color-coded by time of day the medication is taken and only essential information is included (medication name, time of day medication is taken and dosage).  That’s it.  The more information I had on the template previously the more room for error there was in sorting his medications.
  • Please refer to my previous post Color Coded Medication System for additional tips on how this system works.

Medication Template - By Brand Name

Professional Use – Tracks Medication by Brand Name

  • I created this medication template after my dad went to the ER and the admitting nurse wasn’t familiar with several of his medications.  I had to Google medications to fill out the admitting paperwork…talk about stressful.  I later found out that there are so many generic medications on the market it is impossible for medical professionals to know them all.
  • Doctors prefer this template since it tracks medications by brand name and alphabetically which seems to be how their computer systems work.  And, this template lists each medication as one line item even though some are taken several times a day.

I know there are a lot of medication templates available on the web.  Most include a lot more information such as date medication was first prescribed or discontinued, allergic reactions, pharmacy, etc.  But, after years of using these templates with my dad and his doctor’s I believe both versions meet the needs of their audience.  Would love to hear if you have any suggestions. I’m always open to new ideas.

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