Fall #2: A Balancing Act Between Self-Reporting and Precaution

I wish there were a pill our parents could take when they got older.  It would be called, Weebles Anti-Fall named after the loveable children’s toy with the catchy jingle “Weeble’s wobble but they don’t fall down”.  If you aren’t familiar with a Weeble, it is a plastic egg-shaped toy that no matter how hard you try to tip over will pop back to an upright position.  The wobblier a patient the higher the dosage of Webbles Anti-Fall prescribed.

You guessed it, my dad fell on Saturday night but knock on wood he wasn’t hurt.  And, being the strong brave soul he is he picked himself up and didn’t press his pendant for help or call me.  The only way I learned of his fall was that I noticed he was walking a little hunched over as we headed to car from Easter lunch.  I casually asked if his back was ok and then the words “I fell last night” came out of his mouth and my mind immediately raced to my list of 50 questions…what happened, are you hurt, why didn’t you call me, did you tell the nurse, etc.  As my mind was spinning out of control, it didn’t register that my dad said he was ok as I continued to spew questions at him while we walked to the car.

Luckily my husband, who is Mr. Calm to my Ms. Frantic Worrywart, bought order to the conversation and said, “I’m glad you’re ok.  If you have any swelling or pain let us know”.  And, with that quick statement the conversation was over.  But, I believe that worry put in to action is sensible precaution.  As I mentioned earlier, my dad is brave and never complains and this makes my job as Warren’s Daughter a little harder at times.  You see I need to dig a little deeper to get to the real story.  During Fall #1 last year my dad said he was ok and a few days later we learned he had fractured his kneecap.

I agonized a bit if I should notify the nurse.  But, better safe than sorry so I notified Nurse Hazel who after checking on him said he was ok.  So Fall #2 teaches me that I need to balance my need to protect my dad while trusting what he says.  My dad is the only one who truly knows how he feels.  And, please if you know of the Weebles Anti-Fall pill call me.

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