A Simple Lesson in Time Management

My dad said something so simple yet profound…”what if the bus breaks down?”  You see, my dad had a doctor’s appointment on a Friday at 4PM and Friday is the day of one of his favorite activities…the scenic bus drive.  The scenic bus drive is exactly as it sounds, a drive around beautiful Marin or San Francisco on the bus of his assisted living community.

The bus (like all activities) runs like clockwork.  It departs at 1PM and returns at 2:30PM.  So my dad would have 1 hour and 30 minutes between the return of the bus and his doctor’s appointment, which is upstairs from where he lives.  In my crazy over scheduled world 1 hour and 30 minutes is an eternity.  What I pack in to this amount of time is unthinkable and exhausting.  However, when I asked my dad if he would be taking the scenic bus tour before his doctor’s appointment he matter-of-factly said, “No, what if the bus breaks down.”  The bus has never broken down.  But, I just love that my dad plans ahead for the unexpected.

I need to take a cue from my dad and plan for the bus to breakdown (metaphorically speaking). Instead of rushing from place to place and scheduling my day so tightly that there is no room for anything unexpected to happen.  I understand that my dad has fewer demands on his time versus me with a job, husband, house, dog, blog and my dad.  So for everyone in my over scheduled shoes, take a deep breadth and allow for the bus to breakdown.  Trust me, I made a conscious effort and scheduled extra time (in my case it was 30 minutes but its a baby steps in the right direction) and it truly reduced my stress, improved my focus and made me happier.

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