A Solution to a Slippery Problem

I read a startling statistic today in the post Fear of Falling on The New York Times blog.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1 out of every 3 adults over 65 years of age will fall each year.  And, not to scare you even more, falls are the leading cause of injury death for adults over 65.

Well, statistics don’t lie.  My dad fell last year and luckily he didn’t get hurt badly.  But, it did shake me up and I started looking for ways to prevent another fall.  I found a great product and it’s got a beautiful modern aesthetic (which my dad could care less about but I love).  The Simplehuman wall mount soap dispenser holds liquid body soap, shampoo and conditioner for use in the shower.  So why is this product so amazing from the standpoint of safety?

  • It reduces the risk of a fall.
    • No bottles to bend over and pick up if they fall off a shower caddy or shelf in the shower.
    • No bottles lying on the shower floor to trip over.
    • It dispenses the right amount of product reducing the risk of a slippery shower floor.
    • There’s no messy, slimy and slippery bar soap to deal with.  Wet bar soap is like holding on to a greased pig…near impossible.
  • Prevents the need to futz with hard to open bottles in the shower.
    • My dad, like a lot of seniors, has arthritis and bottle tops are hard to open and that includes all these shower products.

A tip: The words soap, shampoo, conditioner are hard to read on the plastic cylinders.  You can always use a label maker to identify the products.

Hope this product tip helps keep the shower a safer place.


Photo Credit: Simplehuman

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