The ICE Pack…Peace of Mind While on the Road

I’m going to Portland for a quick business trip this week.  In total, I’ll be gone less than twelve hours and only unreachable by phone for four hours while in flight.  I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal.  And, for most people it’s not.  But, for me, I worry about the “what ifs” and feel better by having a plan. I obviously let my dad know to contact my husband or sister if he needs anything.  I also e-mail the Assistant Director and nurses at my dads’ assisted living community.  And, I leave my dad’s ICE pack with my husband.  ICE stands for In Case of Emergency not the frozen block of blue stuff used to keep your cooler cold.  My dad’s ICE pack is a simple zipper pouch with this info: 

  • Medication List
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of Insurance Cards
  • Key Information Sheet (this is the info they would ask at the hospital…medical conditions, surgeries and allergies)
  • Doctor’s Contact List

I know this may seem a little extreme but it gives me peace of mind.  And, hopefully if it’s ever needed will truly help in case of an emergency.

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