Color-Coded Medication System


My dad “self medicates” which is assisted living speak for he can track, sort and take his medication on his own which I am so thankful for!  Though he can do this, I created a color-coded system to simplify the entire weekly process of sorting medications from the pharmacy pill bottles (which are hard to read and all look the same) to his weekly pill-box.  My dad and his doctors find this color-coded system helpful.  Hope it can help you improve this weekly task.  Steps 1-3 are done upfront and as needed so don’t worry that it looks like a lot of work.  It really isn’t.

  1. Sort your medication list by the time of day the medication is taken.  I’ve found its easiest to keep the medication list on an Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet so it can easily be updated and sorted.  I’ll share the spreadsheet template pictured above in a future post.
  2. Color-code your medication list by the time of day the medication is taken.  On the list…yellow is for medications taken before breakfast, blue breakfast, green lunch, orange dinner and pink bedtime.  Use as many or few colors as needed.
  3. Wrap color rubber bands around the pharmacy pill bottles, over-the-counter medicine and vitamins that correlate to the time of day the medication is taken.  If a medication is taken several times during the day, attach as many different color rubber bands as needed.  If there are multiple bottles of the same medication put the rubber band around all the bottles so they are together.
  4. Sort the pharmacy pill bottles by color rubber band (pictured above) and then referencing the medication list put the medication into the weekly pill-box.

Hope you find this helpful.  And, I’d love to hear any suggestions you have.

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