My first post…why Warren’s Daughter?

dad's calendars

This is my first post to Warren’s Daughter…a blog I’ve been thinking of writing for quite a while.  First off, why am I undertaking a blog now?  Well, like many of you I hold different titles in my personal and professional life.  Personally, I’m a wife, sister, friend, arts/crafts lover and connoisseur of all things sweet to eat.  Professionally, I have the “official” business card title of Sales Manager at a well know publishing company (disclaimer…though I work in publishing, I’m not a writer but work in sales where e-mail is my usual means of communication nowadays).

Back to the reason for the blog…the one title near and dear to my heart is Warren’s Daughter.  This is a title I earned/inherited a few years ago when my dad who’s in his 90’s moved to a wonderful assisted living community to be closer to my husband and me in beautiful Marin county.  And, after just two years, I swear more people know me as Warren’s Daughter than by my name which is perfectly fine with me.  And, all my friends and family ask how my dad is doing in the same breadth when asking about me.

I take such pride in being Warren’s Daughter and have learned so many valuable insights and tips to ensure my dad is happy, safe, healthy and engaged in life.  I hope to share these things I’ve learned and the wisdom I’ve gained being Warren’s Daughter with you in this blog.

P.S. I agonized over the first photo to include and I thought this image summed it up.  These are my dad’s calendars.  In addition to the typical doctor/dentist appointments, my dad wrote down when  I came to visit which was typically once a week for the past seven years.  I guess all these years I was in training to be Warren’s Daughter.  These calendars are my prized possessions chronicling the time we spent and will spend together.

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